Inpatient / daycase treatment

If your child requires an operation, Mr Trimble will provide the relevant procedure codes and fees, etc, to pass on to your insurers. If you are self-paying, he will be able to provide the fixed price surgery hospital fee option as well. Information leaflets are available on this page for common operations.

Once your child has been added to the surgical list the UIC Appointments office will send formal admission details. This sets out the following:

  1. Date of admission
  2. Time of arrival at hospital: usually 11:00-12:00 UIC for afternoon surgery.
  3. Procedure being undertaken & procedure code
  4. Fasting times:
    • No food 6 hours prior to surgery (usually 07:00 for UIC)
    • No milk or breast-milk 3 hours prior to surgery
    • Clear fluids & water may be taken up to 2 hours prior to surgery (11:00 UIC)
    • If any food or drink is taken after these times your child’s operation may be cancelled.
  5. Date of discharge
  6. Estimates fees of the Hospital (if self-paying), Mr Trimble & the anaesthetist
  7. Post-operative appointment, if required.